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Manitex 50 Ton Boom Trucks


The Series 5002 Manitex Boom Truck feature :


• 50 Ton (45,4 mton) Capacity
• 4-Section 110’ (33,5 m) Proportional Boom
• 4-Section 96’ (29,3 m) Proportional Boom
• 2-Section 32’ (9,8 m) To 49’ (14,9 m) Telescopic Offset Jib (15°, 30°) Option; equipped with Jib Jack
• 164’ (50,1 m) Maximum Tip Height with Telescopic Jib
• 117’ (35,6 m) Maximum Main Boom Tip Height
• Self-Lubricating Boom Slider Pads
• Two Speed Planetary Grooved Drum Hoist With Negative Draft Flange and Rope Tensioner
• Auxiliary Hoist Option
• Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator
• Cab Enclosed Ride Around Operator Control Station with Diesel Heater Standard, Air Conditioner Option Available
• Pilot Operated Crane Controls
• Hydraulic System Pressure Gauge
• Free Swing with Accu-Swing Control
• Continuous Rotation
• 360º Work Area
• ROCSolid Outriggers feature Radio Remote Outrigger Controls, Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm
• Retracted, Intermediate And Fully Extended Outrigger Load Charts
• Load Chart On Tires Over The Rear
• Load Moment Indicator with Digital Display, CANbus system interface, Overload Shutdown and Internal Boom Length Cable
• Radio Anti-Two-Block System
• Rugged, Weatherproof, Automotive Style Electrical System
• Hydraulic Oil Cooler
• Clamp-On Mounting
• Design Meets ANSI B30.5 Recommendations
• Manitex UPTime Comprehensive Support

Product Downloads:

Click to download Manitex Series 5002 Product Guide (PDF)


Click to download the Manitex 50 ton Load Chart (PDF)