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Duralift Hook Lifts


Since 1991, Durabac, the parent company of Duralift, has established themselves as the market leader in the hook-lift application. Their diverse product line combined with their inate ability and innovative ideas sets them apart from the rest offering you a full line-up of hook-lifts models that will match your application to a tee.


We offer quality products at second to none value is what we do best and we'll ensure you get the right hook-lift for your business.
Call us today, and we'll "hook" you up.


DLH 6524 Long Series


DLH 6022 Long Series


DLH 1214 Short Series


DLH 2514 Short Series


DLH 3518 Mid Series


DLH 4018 Mid Series


DLH 4022 Mid Series


Duralift Brochure

Download the Duralift brochure & Specs (PDF)